Why should you invest in Cloud Backup as a Service?

Protecting data, which is vital for an organization, is very important. We invest in securing things that are of importance to us – our life insurance, car insurance, homeowner’s or rental insurance are the proofs.

That is the reason why an increasing number of organizations are trusting data backup solutions, especially cloud-based backup services to ensure timely availability and safe restoration of data. Backing up data on the cloud is much better than any on-premise data backup solution. Why? Well, there are many reasons behind it.

A cloud-based data backup solution enables the users to store data reliably on off-site/remote locations instead of physical data storage like hard-disk or tape backup that may not be reliable in the event of natural or man-made disaster.

If you are running your organization without having a backup solution or are using any on-premise data backup solution, following are the top ten signs which show that you need a cloud backup as a service solution.

Top 7 signs You Should Invest in Cloud Backup As A Service

  1. You face frequent outages
  2. You are spending too much on on-premise data backup devices
  3. Your data is highly confidential and sensitive
  4. You want faster data restoration
  5. You have several backup tools that are hard to manage
  6. Your application runs slower due to backups running in the back end
  7. You want a single solution, requiring less manual intervention

How MDSC1’s backup-as-a-service help you protect your data?

MDSC1 has been providing multiple Cloud Services in MEA region and across the world to help organizations become more functional. A Microsoft LAR/LSP/CSP and a Gold partner for more than 20 years, it also offers resilient “Backup-as-a-Service” to secure your application’s data.

Backup services by MDSC1 can help you to:

  • Get increased availability of data with anywhere anytime accessibility.
  • It is a cost-efficient way of storing data on a remote site for creating backups.
  • You can automatically provision backups without much manual intervention.
  • You get bi-weekly or monthly consumption reports with personalized customer support.

To get the detailed information about the article, visit- https://blog.mdsc1.com/7-signs-invest-in-cloud-backup-as-a-service-now/


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