How to protect your business data from cyber -attacks?

“By 2018, 40 percent of large enterprises will have formal plans to address aggressive cybersecurity business disruption attacks”-Gartner.

Stories of cyber threats disrupting businesses hit headlines almost daily. Cyber-attacks vary from phishing to DDOS attacks to SQL attacks to malware – with ransomware being the latest. So, cyber- attacks have different forms but have one aim – ‘disruption’. They reach deeply into the IT systems and lead to widespread business damage.

When evaluated, one of the major reasons for this acceleration in the digital threats including cyber- attacks, data breaches and network outages is the increase in the number of traditional businesses taking the digital route i.e. now more victims are available that cyber-attackers can target to create havoc.

“Servers may be taken down completely, data may be wiped and digital intellectual property may be released on the Internet by attackers. Victim organizations could be hounded by media inquiries for response and status, and government reaction and statements may increase the visibility and chaos of the attack.

Employees may not be able to fully function normally in the workplace for months. These attacks may expose embarrassing internal data via social media channels — and could have a longer media cycle than a breach of credit card or personal data.” – Paul Proctor, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner.

The shift to digitization has made businesses a modern workplace with increased flexibility, connectivity and productivity, but it has also brought with it a set of security concerns.

To combat business data breaches, businesses must pivot their approach from blocking and detecting attacks to detecting and responding to attacks.

Leaving the door to your home wide open isn’t a great idea. Similarly, you need to plan your security and develop a walled system that prevents a security breach.

Here’re the top ways to protect your business from cyber-attacks:

  1. Use preventive controls such as firewalls, antivirus and vulnerability management
  2. Use cloud backup solutions
  3. Secure your mobile devices
  4. Use hard to guess, strong passwords

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