How to save your business and users from Ransomware with Office 365

“Hotel ransomed by hackers as guests locked out of rooms.”

A story with the above headline was reported in The Local – Europe’s digital English news service. It is one of the latest in the tales of ransomware attacks which might seem silly to its readers, but is actually serious. An Austrian hotel was forced to pay thousands in Bitcoin – a digital currency, to regain access to its electronic key system that was hacked by the cyber goons, locking many rooms and forcing their guests to stay outside. Scary, isn’t it!

The point which needs attention here is that the doors can be broken down somehow, if necessary, but a digital file or document cannot be retrieved from an encrypted system through any physical force.

Crime has changed in this internet age and now the criminals are using code rather than gun to steal from people. “Ransomware” is the epitome of this trend and its target can be anyone – a personal computer or servers used by a government agency or a healthcare provider or an enterprise network.

What is ransomware and what it can do?

Ransomware (for example: Crowti, Tescrypt and Locky) is a piece of malware that holds user’s data as hostage, encrypts files, and leaves the user with two options: restore from a backup or pay up the ransom to decrypt the data, with no guarantee of getting data or access to files, back.

It spreads commonly via emails or websites with unbreakable encryption and can also spread to other PCs connected in a local network, creating havoc.

Ransomware can:

  • Prevent user access to devices, files or applications and also access to Windows.
  • Encrypt files with malicious code.
  • Stop certain apps like web browser from running.

How can I protect my business and its users from ransomware?

With ransomware attacks been steadily increasing and more businesses being forced into a corner by the cybercriminals, the best advice for prevention against it is to ensure secure backup of organization’s confidential, sensitive, or important files in a remote, un-connected backup or storage facility like the one provided by Microsoft Office 365.

With Office 365, you get multiple integrated protections against malware that get enabled by default.

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