Why Businesses Need to Invest in Enterprise Management Solutions?

Enterprise Management Solutions are very crucial for any organization in the cloud-first or mobile-first era. Now-a-days, there are endless ways to how employees connect with each other and collaborate on projects and assignments.

Though these technologies have brought-in new ways of increasing productivity and connectivity, but at the same time, when your company data and files are accessed on a number of devices, they can be left with the risk of unauthorized access as well.

No matter how much data security you ensure, handling data on vast number of devices like mobiles, laptops, PCs etc. is very difficult.

Organizations that trust the ultra-portable devices like mobiles, laptops, should not forget that they are ultra-losable as well. An imaginary situation, where your company’s data is out open on the internet or have landed in the hands of an unauthorized person, might leave you in a perplexed state of mind.

So, what is the solution then?

The solution is a centrally managed and identity-driven access enabling device management solution – Enterprise Mobility Solution or Enterprise mobility + security by Microsoft.

The primary objective behind the EMS by Microsoft is to comprehensively manage and protect users across multiple apps and devices in the cloud as well as on-premise.

What is Enterprise Mobility + Security solution by Microsoft?


Enterprise mobility solution by Microsoft ensures device and data protection, and with single-sign on processes, help you secure your data everywhere. Thus, your employees can stay connected to the business-critical apps with security. It provides three layer of protection – Identity Management, Device Management and App Management platform.

The identity management of EMS protects your data and information by establishing multiple validation points for user identity. Azure AD helps in this process with its multi-factor authentication and single sign-on.

With the help of identity management, Microsoft Intune can manage the user control across multiple devices and see that the devices and users are enrolled and are in compliance with the company policies.

The apps management layer ensures that everything is streamlined within the ecosystem with proper integration of Office apps and other sensitive data.

Your decision to go for an enterprise mobility solution should be solely based on the level of security you are looking for your devices.

As an enterprise, your investment in enterprise mobility + security solution will:

  • Help you protect your company’s data and apps.
  • Help you perceive threat before they can cause any damage.
  • Help you become productive without any compromise.
  • Provide high integration capabilities.

MDSC1 – Providing Enterprise Management Solutions in UAE

MDSC1 acts as your one-stop shop for enterprise management solutions in UAE. Find the perfect enterprise mobility + security plan, get charged according to the number of users, instead of the device count. From strong identity and access management with Microsoft AD, Multi-factor authentication and advanced security reports to mobile device management with Intune, get everything at one place.

Also get identity driven access to the company data and files with Microsoft threat analytics and encrypt your files and storage locations with information protection plans. Thus with us, you get enterprise grade visibility and control for your cloud and mobile users.

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