How to Create & Deploy Azure Cloud Services- A Complete guide

In today’s competitive environment where time to market is critical, a delay of even a few seconds can prove to be a complete failure for the business, so building new and revenue generating applications is a must for businesses.

Applications are the drivers for innovation, market advantage and profit. Guided by this fact, more and more enterprises are running their business applications in cloud to leverage benefits like– always up and running applications, speed to market, access to global and simplified infrastructure, better performance, low costs and quick deployment.

Microsoft Azure, the open and interoperable, cloud computing platform is developed to build, deploy and manage web applications through cloud services. This flexible application offers all the building blocks to create, deploy and manage cloud based solutions, speedily.

Windows Azure cloud provides different hosting models to run applications, each providing multiple set of services, which you can choose as per your needs. Azure cloud services, is one such model.

Azure cloud services help you to create, package and deploy scalable, and highly available applications and APIs to the cloud. It keeps your applications continuously available even during the outages and redirect traffic from troubled instances to those running smoothly. You get a staging environment to test new releases along with health monitoring dashboard and real time alerts.

MDSC1 – a prominent provider of Microsoft cloud services UAE, is a one stop window for Microsoft Azure consulting, onboarding, migration and support services.

Steps to create and deploy a cloud service in Azure

A cloud service is created from three components, the cloud service definition file (.csdef), the cloud service config file (.cscfg), and the service package (.cspkg).

There are two methods that let you create and deploy a cloud service in Azure:

  • Quick Create
  • Custom Create

This section of the article explains how to create a new cloud service by using Quick Create method and deploy a cloud service package in Azure. You can create and deploy both at the same time using Custom Create.

  • Initiate, by logging into the Microsoft Azure portal.
  • Clickon New > Compute, and then click on the Cloud Service


  • On the cloud service page, enter a value for the DNS name,
  • Create a new Resource Groupor choose an existing one.
  • Select a Location from the drop – down menu.
  • Next, click on the Package. This will open the Upload a packagesection wherein, you need to fill in the required fields.
  • Select Start deployment.
  • To close, Upload a packagesection, click OK.
  • Add certificates, if any and If you do not have any certificates to add, click on the Create button.


When your deployment reaches the Ready status, you will get notification of deployment completed successfully.

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